A Despicable World Record — 200,000 and counting

Sometime in the next few hours the United States will, according to the official record being tabulated globally, pass 200,000 deaths from COVID-19. In comparison to other countries, we literally have a deathgrip on the #1 spot, the second place being Brazil with 133,119, India takes the Bronze medal with 82,091.

Our shame should be very real. Yet here we sit, governed by incompetence and disregard, and surrounded by people more interested in access to football than to a longer life. We are an international laughingstock, a pariah, something to be pitied.

We cannot travel as the majority of countries have closed their borders to our plague ridden populace. Entire industries stand shuttered or near bankruptcy because we were lied to by our leader from the very beginning, and now, far too many buy into the whole hoax-liberation-masks-are-slavery bullshit to make a change of course any more effective than the one attempted by the Titanic. We are too late. We are sinking.

200,000 is a stunning number. It was only Memorial Day weekend — less than four months ago — when we were fast approaching 100,000 and that seemed unthinkable. That we have added nearly 30,000 per month since then? My heart breaks for the holes left where loved ones should still be.

Like so many, I have watched in absolute disgust as the cretin with the piss colored bouffant has held rally after rally the past week. Each one filled with maskless cultists violating each state’s gathering mandates. He held another just yesterday here in Phoenix — this one inside a hotel. Those attending could not care less about the recordings of Trump telling Bob Woodward how bad this virus is. They don’t care that he knew from the beginning. They cannot be bothered with the latest recording from April in which he said:

Trump: “This thing is a killer if it gets you. If you’re the wrong person, you don’t have a chance.”
Woodward: “Yes, yes, exactly.”
Trump: “So this rips you apart.”
Woodward: “This is a scourge. And — “
Trump: “It is the plague. It’s so easily transmissible, you wouldn’t even believe it. In the Oval Office a guy sneezed. The entire room bailed out, including me.”

Again, I ask you MAGAts, what part of that, in his voice, fails to touch any semblance of reason left inside your head? IT. IS. THE. PLAGUE. Your divine dipshit said this on the record. That was April 13th. On April 17th he was on Twitter encouraging you imbeciles to liberate Michigan, Minnesota, and Virginia. And away you went, no masks, guns strapped on like the cheap Rambo cosplayers you are.

This past Friday night, there you were in Michigan, shoulder to shoulder, screaming “Lock her up!” (seriously, get a new song).

Saturday he moved on to Nevada and it was like a scene from Pamplona, except it was the running of the bullshit to be first at the ropes. Did you notice that he stays well away from you?

This MAGA stampede sprinting for a front row seat to see their cowardice leader — with the Village People blaring in the background is peak 2020… pic.twitter.com/x5A0SPmDQU

— Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (@RexChapman) September 13, 2020

Seriously, see that white line? That is how he knows how far to stay away from your infected, cheap, disgusting selves. Compare that to his prior rallies when he pressed your sweaty flesh, held your babies, let you paw at him. What’s changed?

What’s changed is that he knows, has known, exactly how transmissible and deadly is this virus, but he does not care. You are optics for him. You are prostitutes whose only use is to masturbate his ego and then disappear. He has no use for you beyond self gratification and hanging onto power to so he cannot be arrested.

How much more has to come out, in his own voice, for you to even raise an eyebrow? COVID is not a hoax. Ask yourselves, if this is a hoax, why do I have to sign a waiver to attend his rallies? A liability waiver that absolves him from any responsibility, and prevents you or your loved ones from attempting any litigation, in the event you get sick or die from CORONAVIRUS.

What about the news, daily, about the spread? The LSU football coach is on the record today saying almost the entire team has tested positive. At Texas Tech, 75 players have tested positive since June. The wedding that took place a few weeks ago in Maine? SEVEN people now dead as a result. Over 175 positive cases. There were only 65 at the wedding. Do the fucking math, people. And those 7 dead? NONE OF THEM ATTENDED THE WEDDING. They were victims of the dumbfuqs who did attend then went around spreading COVID to other people.

Ignoring this pandemic will not make it go away. Shitting your pants like infants over having to wear a mask to grocery shop won’t impress anyone. And if you contract COVID, you can and will spread it to other people. And those other people so not deserve to have lifelong health issues or die because of your willful, intentional ignorance.

The number of people who are now “long haulers” is growing daily. No, that does not mean they are truckers. It means they had COVID at some point, and still deal with the fallout, symptoms, and physical uncertainty months later. Hair loss, shortness of breath, body aches, fevers, blood clots, extreme fatigue but unable to sleep. Eli Lipman, a 9 year old who contracted COVID months ago, spoke to CNN yesterday about what he still faces as a long hauler, and what he wants you to know.

“Kids, I’m sorry to say this, but it is a big deal. It will hurt. You just got to face the truth.” He is 9 years old. And like those healthy, strong college athletes above, potentially compromised for the rest of his life. Heart problems, lung issues, deadly blood clots. None of which you have to have been in a hospital on a ventilator to get.

You should not have to contract COVID and end up scared to death to finally open your eyes and ears and take this seriously. You should not have to lose someone you love to realize what a complete conspiracy loving fuckwit you have been. But that is where we are at.

You people believe this is all a lie, a hoax, all made up to make your hero look bad. Riiiiiight. The entire world got onboard with that plan, shut down, threatened their own economies, lost nearly a million people so far, just to make the stupidest man on earth look bad.

I just hit refresh. 200,098 people in this country have died. I predicted that would take hours to hit. It did not even take the time it took to write this piece. 604 out of every million people — dead. Thanks to you we will add another 5,000 by Sunday.

It is a despicable world record to hold. And another 200,000 will not make it to Christmas. If only we could isolate it to just you COVIDiots. The rest of us do not deserve to die because of you and your cult leader.




Author, columnist, blogger. Don’t Get Me Started and Transparent Trans Parent blogs

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Linda Sharp

Linda Sharp

Author, columnist, blogger. Don’t Get Me Started and Transparent Trans Parent blogs

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