You Are Going To Hell

Linda Sharp
7 min readAug 25, 2022

You, hey, yes you, the one with words like “Jesus” “Christian” “Love” and “Godfearing” in your online profiles.

You’re going to hell.

Wait, what, me?!?!? you respond.

Yes, you. You and your brethren are going to hell.

But I go to church every Sunday! you retort.

Doesn’t matter. You also show up at school board meetings and scream about LGBTQIA children.

OK, but I tithe every week! you defend.

You also use every opportunity to work against hungry children, babies born into poverty, and immigrants.

Sure, but I wear a cross around my neck every day! you point out.

Yep, right under the gun you strap on to go to Walmart and the Fuck Your Feelings tshirt you wear.

I am a God fearing patriot! you screech.

No, no you’re not. You’re a Trumpy, judge-y, hateful, minority targeting, hypocritical shitbag.

And you’re going to hell.

Well, you would be if you actually believed in Hell. But seeing as your behavior clearing indicates you do not believe in God or Jesus…

I DO believe in God and Jesus! you bleat.

Calm your tits. Wipe the spittle off your mouth and monitor, and listen.


Your every breath, your every effort in this world, your every thought, word, and deed clearly indicate that God and Jesus are just words to you. Your attendance at church is simply performative. Your tithing? Laughable at best.

Your endless efforts to inject your form of religion into every crevice of society is sickening. It respects no one. It elevates no discourse. It serves no higher purpose. It does not protect those who need protection; it does not defend those who are being attacked; it does not comfort those who are hurting; it does not provide community to those who are alone.

You are the people targeting my transgender son. Your churchy schools are the ones kicking out LGBTQIA students. You stand at podiums screaming about a topic on which you have zero first hand knowledge, wishing injury and death on CHILDREN. Your politicians are moving legislation forward that would strip away all forms of care for them, because it gets your vote.


You are the maskless ones who, for the last two years and five months, have refused to do even the simplest of tasks to “love thy neighbor” — that of wearing a mask. Because of you and your endless droning about your oxygen supply, your liberties, your freedumbs — 1,067,549 fellow citizens are now dead. In the past 24 hours alone, you have killed 1,133.

Fuck you! I didn’t kill anyone! you bellow.

You sure about that? COVID is spread person to person to person. That means those MILLION+ people contracted it from someone else. And as this virus morphs on into new variants, killing an average of 500 people daily, it is pretty obvious who is helping the Grim Reaper. YOU ARE. You heartless, selfish, murderous, whiney, hellbound cretin.

How do you think your assistance in the murder of over a million people sits with your deity? And no, not the one you people crafted around your own bigotries and biases and ignorance, but the one of the scriptures, psalms, Bible stories. Where in your behavior is THAT Jesus reflected?

He’s not. That Jesus gathered people together. You work tirelessly to widen the divide. That Jesus loved everyone. You go out of your way to point at your targets and express your hate. That Jesus despised those who elevated themselves above others, whose god was money, who religion was power. You continue to worship a spray tanned succubus who thinks you are the biggest rubes ever ever evereverever. That Jesus literally gave His life that you might live, correct? It’s been a while since I sat in a pew, but when I did, I paid attention. He gave His life, but you cannot even wear a mask to save others. Seriously, you act as if the fabric is being adhered to your face with crucifixion spikes.

But, but, this is different!

Is it now? Is this the part where you explain how you are special, how these circumstances are poles apart? (Like when you or your daughter want/need/get an abortion?)

Well, I am. And this is different.

News for you, sweetheart. You’re not that special. Well, maybe in a bless your heart kind of way, but beyond that pitiable observation, no, you’re not. You are despicable. You are hateful. You are menacing. You’re a narcissist. You are dangerous. But no, you are not special just because there are millions of you. And just because your fan club is large, it doesn’t make you Beyonce. Or Christ-like.

It makes you a pariah. It makes you serpent-like. Just as you believe the serpent caused it all to go to shit in the beginning, you continue its works to this day. You slither through society, striking out, injecting your venom. You don’t care about who you hurt because to you these “others” are not real. They are characters in the Facebook pages, 8Chan boards, Truth Social postings, and sermons of your equally hateful leaders. My son is not real to you. He’s some word you heard on FOX. He’s some bullshit story you telephone gamed across the internet, having zero basis in fact. He’s a prop used by politicians to scare you.

You don’t care about the million+ people who have died because they are not real to you. Instead of grieving them, offering comfort to their bereft family and friends, you scoff at them, deny they ever even existed. Like you do with school shooting victims.

Actually exactly like you do with school shooting victims. You immediately shout Crisis Actors! Your thoughts go first to protecting your beloved gun cache, not to protecting the next classroom of students. You prop up pieces of dogshit like Alex Jones, helping him inflict emotional damage, fear, and endless pain on grieving parents.

Tell me where you see Jesus in your actions? Where is Jesus when you lash out at surviving students who try to move the dial on gun laws? Where is Jesus when you sit at your keyboard and threaten their lives and the lives of others who simply want to see our schoolchildren LIVE? Where is Jesus when you scream at children walking into their school wearing a mask? Where is Jesus when you camp outside chemotherapy clinics and bellow at cancer patients who cannot afford to get even the slightest of a cold, much less COVID? Where is Jesus in anything you do?

Nowhere. Jesus is just a word. A word you predictably put in your profiles to alert the world to what a good person you are. You’re not. You are so far from the definition of a good person, you cannot even see the dictionary.

But you’re judging me! you whine.

Yes, yes I am. And I am doing it with facts, with your own behavior as Exhibits A-Z. I am not doing it while hiding behind the pretend robes of a deity. I am not saying one thing and doing another. If you were truly a good person, a person who practiced what Jesus preached — you would not worship a false orange idol. You would not threaten the lives of anyone with whom you disagree. You would revere those who dedicate their lives to finding ways to protect yours. You would strive every damned day to educate yourself about other people, about their struggles, about the facts of their lives, their needs, what those words you don’t understand actually mean. You would open your eyes and heart and life to your responsibility as a member of society. You would take steps to reach out, not strike out. You would see the humanity in everyone, not just the people who look like you. You would care.

It’s actually that simple. YOU. WOULD. CARE.

But you don’t. You don’t care that you frighten children. You don’t care that you insert yourself into people’s worst medical nightmares, making it so much worse. You don’t care that people are dying. You don’t care that you are responsible. You don’t care about anyone but yourselves and making life as miserable as you can for everyone else. Oh, and typing “Christian” in your bio.

And that’s why you’re going to hell. Pack sunscreen.



Linda Sharp

Author, columnist, blogger. Don’t Get Me Started and Transparent Trans Parent blogs