You Worship an A**hole

Linda Sharp
8 min readAug 12, 2022

Years back — Jesus, I hate being able to type that — YEARS BACK, when Trump was beginning his assault on decency, humanity, civility, I shook my head. Surely, there was no way that horror of a human being could ever manage to garner a following large enough to be considered big tent in politics.

YEARS BACK, like so many, I watched, sickened, as millions of fellow citizens were not only drawn to his rhetoric of hate and bigotry, but stayed because of it. Every baser instinct, every worst impulse, every vile thought was given the freedom to be uttered, to be carried out.

YEARS BACK, I watched the GOP, so terminally drunk on power embrace him, elevate him, make him their standard bearer, becoming a party that had no standards at all. The lower the better. They had discovered that the sewers of this country are full of wretches who want nothing more than to let their animus, anger, ignorance, and arrogance fly — and they were willing to give their vote to whoever hated who they hate.

YEARS BACK, as every day yielded another violation of norms, another open embrace of another squalid group, another horror meted out by the most inept, blindingly stupid, grifting batch of self serving monsters, my heart ached.

And YEARS BACK, my sister and I talked about what it would take to break the hold that crayon colored cesspool had over 30% of this country. Getting him out of office? Maybe. Him dying? Surely, without him around to tweet his covfefe into the ether, the spell would break, and we could begin trying to repair the damage.

(And before anyone gets some half assed notion that I am calling for his death, STOP. He is an overweight, old, fetid Hefty bag who sweats burger grease and cola. He is not exactly a candidate for last man standing. His passing will never be a surprise.)

So there we were, we voted him out. 81 million people stood up and said GTFO. And what happened? In classic spoiled brat form, he did what he always does, he cheated. He lied. He whined like a little bitch that the election had been rigged. (Funnily though, even as his sycophants cried FOUL! about the Presidential line on the ballots, if they had won their race on the same ballot, their win was completely legitimate.)

For months we endured THE BIG LIE. The endless drone. And we just wanted January 20 to get here so he would fade back into the golf course from whence he crawled.

Then January 6th dawned and the entire world watched in horror as his Dunning Kruger horde gathered in DC, were ginned up by the Kool Aid coward, and then stormed into the Capitol. It was sickening. Police officers attacked, shit smeared on walls, historic paintings torn down, statues damaged. All hellbent on stopping the certification of the votes. They threatened officials, they terrorized staffers and office holders, they erected a gallows and screamed about hanging Mike Pence, about shooting Nancy Pelosi.

And why?

All because a Jabba the Hut looking mobster; a pathological liar; a serial cheater; a bankrupt; a fucking reality game show host had become their god. And their god was angry. Their god was throwing a tantrum worthy of a football field full of toddlers all denied another helping of Goldfish.

I have news for you. Your god is a lie. Your god finds you useful as long as you don’t touch him. Your god only wants you to hide behind. Your god wouldn’t pee on you if you were alight right in front of him. Why?

Because you worship an asshole.

And that asshole figured you out years ago. You’re easy to manipulate. You don’t question anything. You have zero sophistication, are thinly educated, and love to behave badly.

And for that last reason alone — the one that gives permission for your hatred, your racism, your misogyny, your phobias to drip on all of society — you now blindly follow him. He can do no wrong.

Any inference to his misdeeds MUST be credited to the Deep State. Facts about his criminal behavior are explained away by you as being made up by the librul media. The January 6th Committee could not possibly be trying to protect us from that day ever happening again. No, they are commie-Socialist-traitors making things up to make your hero look bad.

And now, after over a year since proof emerged that he took classified items with him when he was fumigated from the White House; after items already being provably removed from his possession months ago; after the FBI serving a subpoena and a search warrant on Monday to find additional withheld, highly classified items — the best you can come up with is “they planted things”?

Give us all a fucking break. Reverse even a single piece of this and have it directed at Clinton or Obama or Biden — would you be flinging excuses for them like so much monkey shit in a zoo? Don’t answer. We know what you would be doing because you’ve already done it before.

Your answer to everything is to bleat “Lock her up!” Email server? LOCK HER UP! Benghazi? LOCK HER UP! He’s black and dared to be President? LOCK HIM UP! His son had a drug problem and the most magical-Harry-Potter-David-Blaine-Houdini laptop in existence? LOCK HIM UP!

Proof is nowhere in your vocabulary for those you wish dead don’t like. Inference, conspiracy, big words you don’t understand, the letter Q — that’s all the “evidence” you need to call for literal blood.

Yet when actual PROOF is shown to you — when today, the Attorney General of the United States felt the need to hold a presser to tell you all how full of shit you are, how vile is your violent rhetoric against the FBI (said while an active standoff was taking place after an armed man tried to breach the FBI headquarters in Cincinnati), after your hero, Genghis Con, has droned on all week about the FBI, about evidence being planted, about how corrupt and targeted this all was — Merrick Garland called his bluff, and yours.

He has until tomorrow to contest a motion in Florida to unseal the search warrant, along with the item list. As reported by CNBC:

The Justice Department is seeking to unseal the warrant and an inventory of items seized by the FBI during the search of Trump’s home at the Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach. But the department is not asking the judge to unseal the affidavit of probable cause, which would detail how authorities believe a crime was likely committed and why there would be evidence of that crime in the location targeted in the search.

However, the warrant itself is likely to list the criminal statutes related to the search.

So the ball was not only tossed back in Trump’s court, it was smashed into his orange gourd of a face. No more teasing at the contents, no more bullshit like the hiding of his taxes, no more being in charge of any narrative. If he really wanted to prove something was untoward? All he had to do during the past three days was step forward and show the damned things himself.

Now he has no choice. Either he shows them or he keeps his piehole shut and the court releases them, or his new attorney tries to bullshit a reason why they must not be shown to the public. Letting them be seen will never be in his best interest. Especially as reporting this evening indicates some of what they were looking for were nuclear documents.

Just like his oft repeated line about pleading the fifth — why, if you’re not guilty of anything? (he pled the fifth 440 times this week), he will never show them willingly because they will further lay bare his criminality.

Not that you care. You’re too busy using your Gematria calculator to assign spooky numbers to all this. To somehow link it all back to pedophile pizza and JFK Jr. Too invested in wrapping your coal rolling pick up in Trump flags and swag to drive past Mar-a-Lago — a place, incidentally, where you would not even be allowed in through the back door.

Your behavior is unconscionable, it always has been. Your threats, your blather, your bleating, your lunacy, your violence — all in the service of a decomposing criminal who let you scream the N word at your neighbor. That’s all it boils down to. Not policy — you cannot speak to a single thing. You cannot point to how your life is better because of him — seriously, try. You cannot defend him as a Christian — he’s not and never has been.

All you have is hero worship for an asshole who allows you to be an asshole, too. Well, you were outnumbered then, you are even more outnumbered now. So go ahead and wait up for the next Q drop, the next Truth Social posting of his lies and grift (you do notice how he always wants your money?), and continue to laugh at the millions who are sickened by you and him. Laugh your stupid, pathetic asses off like the cheap hyenas you are. It won’t change the facts or the way they are forming a quickly tightening noose around you, him, and your whole batshit bowel movement of a political party.

To paraphrase Beto O’Rourke, “It may be funny to you, motherfuckers, but it is not funny to us.”

We may not drape ourselves in flags, or organize boat parades, or smear feces on landmark buildings, but we are patient and focused and are willing to wait as the wheels of justice turn. The shit Trump is about to hit the fan.

Then we’ll laugh.



Linda Sharp

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